Friulsider - technický katalog

2 Friulsider S.p.A, established in 1966, has expanded rapidly over the years and now occupies an area of 61.000 m 2 (23.000 m 2 under cover) made up of various offices, warehouses and a recently expanded production area. The Friulsider production plant is able to satisfy the market needs while guaranteeing a first class and constant level of quality. The Management Quality System ISO 9001 and the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 entails a constant and systematic control of all the company’s activities from the receiving of orders to the post sales technical support. Friulsider’s R&D department is equipped with a sophisticated and unique, in Italy, “Test Laboratory” where product characteristics and specifications are defined and where testing is carried out at all stages from raw materials to finished products. A logistics organisation of great importance is always based on complete client satisfaction. Our sophisticated computing system ensures that orders are processed rapidly as well as carrying out an accurate management of warehouse stock. F R I U L S I D E R F I S S A G G I D A L E A D E R Friulsider continuously expands and evolves its product range to respond to any fixing requirement in areas ranging from the building trade to plant engineering, from the mechanical industry to light or heavy carpentry while constantly searching for innovative technical solutions.